The goal of martial arts training is not merely learning how to fight. Self-defense skill is important but there is more to it in martial arts training. Complete martial artist strives to improve physically, mentally and spiritually. Without character development, one’ s martial arts skills may become more of liability than assets. True martial artist avoids unnecessary conflicts by all means and does not take combat lightly.

Yet, when confronted by unjust threats, martial artist will fight back with an absolute resolve. Fighting for a cause, is the essence which differentiates between a common fighter and a warrior. Fighter fights for ambition, recognition, pride and money while warrior fights for a cause. This is the code and spirit of a warrior; that we are pacifists who are ready to fight back. The Mind and Body Martial Arts Center strives to instill this spirit within its students, to go along with their physical self-defense skills. Second, attributes of martial artist is that we do go beyond the call of duty.

A true martial artist always strive for perfection, not merely passing grade or meeting status quo set by an individual, organization or society. This attitude and approach reflects in the way we practice, teach and manage our school. Our student are always taught to do their utmost best in everything. Strive for excellence is our way of life and the spirit of martial arts.


The ultimate aim of martial arts lies not in victory or defeat,
but in the perfection of the character of its participants.”
– Gichin Funakoshi