Our Center

The Mind and Body Martial Arts Center, established by the Vietnamese Youth Foundation (www.vnyouth.com) is dedicated to excellence in martial arts training. The school takes pride in its family type atmosphere where supportive instructors, students, and parents are active participants.

Our school’s philosophy is not merely in practicing fighting techniques, but moreover develop one’s culture and improve one’s personality and character through the five traditional confucianist virtues:

Nhân : humanity | Nghĩa : justice, social life, fairness | Lễ : politeness, respect, good manners | Trí : intelligence | Tín : honesty, faith, confidence.

With over 20 years of experience, passionate, trained instructors offer comprehensive training programs in the Mind and Body Martial Arts Center. From the beginner through the advance level, each student is offered the opportunity to reach his/her greatest martial arts potential through self-awareness, self-discipline, flexibility, body conditioning, balance, endurance, self-confidence, strength and character. The curriculum encompasses learning traditional Martial Arts encompassing weapons, fighting techniques and an extended knowledge about the art.